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How to get to JEJU
A. Direct International Flights to Jeju Int'l Airport

Flight to Jeju Int'l Airport is available from countries' main cities: Japan, China and Taiwan

B. Incheon Int'l Airport → Gimpo Domestic Airport → Jeju Domestic Airport

Upon arriving at Incheon Int'l Airport, passengers can transfer directly to Gimpo Airport, which offers a variety of domestic flights to Jeju.
The Way to Gimpo Domestic Airport from Incheon Int'l Airport
   By Limousine Bus

Bus Bus Stop Fare (KRW) Duration
Terminal 1 (T1) Terminal 2 (T2)
6003 1F
Exit 6
No. 24
KRW 4,000 40~60 min T1 05:05
T2 05:10
T1 23:20
T2 23:00
10~12 min
6008 B1F
No. 25
T2 05:20
T1 05:40
T2 22:40
T1 23:00
15~20 min
6014 T2 06:05
T1 06:25
T2 22:50
T1 23:10
30~40 min
6101 1F
Exit 7
No. 22
KRW 7,000 T2 05:50
T1 06:10
T2 23:05
T1 23:05
15~25 min
6707A 1F
Exit 3
No. 17
KRW 7,500 T1 05:12
T2 05:10
T1 22:16
T2 22:36

15~25 min

Terminal 1)

Terminal 2)

   By AREX
You can take AREX(Airport Express) at B1 floor, the transportation center in Incheon International Airport. You can buy your tickets from information center or ticket machine.

Departure   Arrival  First
Duration Interval Fare
Terminal 1 Gimpo Domestic
05:23 22:48 40 min 10~20 min KRW 3,750
Terminal 2 05:15 22:40 46 min KRW 4,350

Line Map

   By Taxi
If you arrive at Terminal 1, exit through Exit 6 or 7. If you arrive at Terminal 2, exit through Exit 3 or 4.
You can find Taxi Stop across the street.

Category Duration Fare (KRW)
Regular Taxi 40 min KRW 45,000
Deluxe Taxi KRW 70,000

Terminal 1)

Terminal 2)
The Way to Jeju Domestic Airport from Gimpo Domestic Airport

C. Gimpo Int'l Airport → Jeju Domestic Airport

Directs Flights to Gimpo Int'l Airport are available from 5 cities in 3 countries. Beijing and Shanghai in China, Tokyo (Haneda), Osaka in Japan, and Taipei (Songshan) in Taiwan and take the shuttle bus to transfer domestic flight to arrive to Jeju.

   By Airport Shuttle Bus

If you come out of Gate 1 or 2 on the 1st floor of International Flights, you can board the shuttle bus to Domestic Flights at the No.⑤ bus stop.

First Departure Last Departure Duration Interval Fare
06:00 23:30 8 min 5 min Free

The Way to Gimpo Domestic Airport from Gimpo Int'l Airport

The Way to Jeju Domestic Airport from Gimpo Domestic Airport